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Why the Word of God is So Critically Important? Part Two

Special Segment of Study The Fellowship  Questions on Segment of Study Read 1 John 1:1-4. Now look especially at verse 3 and note how many times the word “fellowship” is mentioned. Define in your own words what you believe the meaning of the word “fellowship” is. You may use a dictionary or you can try to … Continue reading

Why the Word of God is So Critically Important? Part One

Exploring Two Facets: The Image and, The Fellowship Special Segment of Study The Image Questions on Segment of Study In whose image were we made? Read Genesis 1:26-27 In v26 it says, “Let us make mankind in our own image, in our own likeness…” Who is God referring to when He says “us” and “our”? Take … Continue reading

Study of John 1:14

Segment of Study The Manifestation of the Word: Christ in Bodily form (v14) Questions on Segment of Study Read Psalm 40:6-8 and Hebrews 10:5-6. Who is the scripture speaking of in the passages? See also Luke 1:26-33. Take special note of Hebrews 10:5. Now re-read John 1:1-2. How was the Word made into flesh? See Luke … Continue reading

Study of John 1:10-13

Segment of Study The Effect of Christ’s Ministry (vv10-13) Questions on Segment of Study How many times does the author use “world” in verse 10? Fill in the blanks: He was in the ________. The _______ was made through him. The _______ did not recognize him. After you have filled in all the blanks in question 2, what do … Continue reading

Study of John 1:6-9

Segment of Study John the Baptist: A Witness to the Christ (vv6-9) Questions on Segment of Study Who was John the Baptist sent by (v6)? How can we confirm that John the Baptist was sent by God? Read John 1:23 and v33, Isaiah 40:3, and Malachi 3:1 and express each passage that you have read in your own … Continue reading

Study of John 1:1-5

Segment of Study Christ’s Nature and Ministry in View (vv1-5) Questions on Segment of Study Note that the phrase “in the beginning” is mentioned twice both in verses 1 and 2. It would seem that the author (the apostle John) was trying to stress this phrase. Use a dictionary and find the definition of the word … Continue reading

The Book of John – Chapter 1

Here’s the basic setup, introduction and outline of John, chapter 1. Basic Setup Introduction of Book Basic Outline of Chapter Segment Study of Chapter Questions on Segment of Study Introduction Book of study: Gospel of John Written in the A.D. 90s, 60 plus years after Jesus’ death Author: John, the writer of Revelation, 1 John, … Continue reading