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Nehemiah: Chapter 3 – Basic Outline

Rebuilding Of The Wall (vv1-32) A. The Sheep Gate (vv1-2) B. The Fish Gate (vv3-5a) C. Tekoa’s Nobles Unwillingness (5b) D. The Jeshanah Gate (vv6-12) E. The Valley Gate (v13) F. The Dung Gate (v14) G. The Fountain Gate (15a) H. The Wall of the Pool of Siloam and the Adjoining Sections up to the … Continue reading

Nehemiah: Chapter 2 – Basic Outline

Nehemiah’s Prayer For The King’s Favor Is Answered (vv1-9) A. His Sadness of Heart (vv1-2) B. Reason for His Sadness of Heart (v3) C. The King’s Response (v4) D. His Requests of the King (vv5-9) The Disturbance that Reached the Enemy (v10) A. Israel’s Welfare (v10) Surveying The Damaged Wall Of Jerusalem (vv11-18) A. The … Continue reading

Nehemiah: Chapter 1 – Basic Outline

Nehemiah’s Two Concerns (vv1-11) A. His Question (vv1-2) B. The Answer (v3) C. His Response (v4) D. His Prayer (vv5-11)   Note:  v=verse     vv=verses

The Book of Nehemiah: Fulfilling the Call Within

We are about to begin our study of the book of Nehemiah, in which we will explore the various verses and passages in order that we may recognize and get an understanding of what it means to “Fulfill the Call Within”. As Christians, it is very important that we understand our calling, so that we … Continue reading

Snapshot of Selected Segment Studies

Snapshot of John 1:1-5 The author allowed us to know the true nature of Christ as the Word of God, who was in the beginning with God (the Father), and who was God. Though he was distinct in person, for he was in the beginning with God (the Father), he was in essence one with God. … Continue reading

Not Bound, But Obligated

I am bound to no man except to the man Christ Jesus, But I am obligated to every man through the man Christ Jesus, ~ Dev