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Nehemiah: Chapter 7 – Basic Outline

The Rebuilt Wall: Establishing Service and Security (vv1-3) A. Gatekeepers, Singers, and Levites (v1) B. Hanani and Hananian and the Charge Given to Them (vv2-3) The Rebuilt Wall: Establishing the Community (vv4-5) A. The Population Within the Wall (v4) B. Setting up of a New Registry (v5) The Rebuilt Wall: According to the Old Registry … Continue reading

Nehemiah: Chapter 6 – Basic Outline

The Conspiracy of the Enemy (vv1-9) A. The Message to Meet: A Plan to Do Harm (vv1-2) B. Nehemiah’s Response to the Message (v3) C. The Enemy’s Persistence (v4) D. The Unsealed Letter Sent with Sanballat’s Aide (vv5-7) E. Nehemiah’s Reply to the Letter (v8) F. The Motive of the Enemy is Revealed (v9a) G. … Continue reading

None To Compare To You

O Lord, Who is like you, Or who can be compared to you? The heavens and the earth are yours and all that is in them. You command the clouds to give rain, and the sun to give light to the earth. Without you, O Lord, men would grope in darkness, and the earth would … Continue reading

Nehemiah: Chapter 5 – Basic Outline

Contending With the Nobles And Officials And Their Employment Of Usury (vv1-13) A. A Cry for Help from the People (vv1-4) B. The Nobles and Officials are Charged with Usury (vv5-8) C. The Order to Give Back What was Taken from┬áthe People (vv9-11) D. The Response of the Nobles and Officials and the Oath (vv12-13) … Continue reading

Nehemiah: Chapter 4 – Basic Outline

Rebuilding While Contending With The Enemy (vv1-23) A. The Insults of Sanballat and Tobiah (vv1-3) B. The Cry for Retribution (vv4-5) C. Working with the Heart: A Great Accomplishment Achieved (v6) D. The Plot of the Enemy to Disrupt the Rebuilding (vv7-8) E. Dealing with the Threat (v9) F. The Confidence of the People in … Continue reading