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Nehemiah: Chapter 12 – Basic Outline

Making Known the History of the Priests and the Levites From the Exilic Period of Zerubbabel and Jeshua the High Priest (vv1-26) A. The Priests and Their Positions (vv1-7) B. The Levites and Their Ministry (v8) C. The Arrangement with Their Associates According to Service (v9) D. The List of the Succession of High Priests: From Jeshua … Continue reading


Nehemiah: Chapter 11 – Basic Outline

The Settlement Within Jerusalem: The Commencement (vv1-3) A. The Leaders and the Lot (v1) B. The Volunteers Commended (v2) C. The Leaders About to be Revealed (v3a) D. The Settlement in the Other Towns of Judah (vv3b-4a) The Settlement Within Jerusalem: The Leaders Revealed (vv4b-18) From Judah A. Athaiah and His Family Line (v4b) B. … Continue reading