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The Book of Nehemiah: Fulfilling the Call Within

Nehemiah: Chapter 12 – Basic Outline

Making Known the History of the Priests and the Levites From the Exilic Period of Zerubbabel and Jeshua the High Priest (vv1-26)

A. The Priests and Their Positions (vv1-7)

B. The Levites and Their Ministry (v8)

C. The Arrangement with Their Associates According to Service (v9)

D. The List of the Succession of High Priests: From Jeshua to Jaddua (vv10-11)

E. The List of the Heads of the Priestly Families in the Time of Joiakim the High Priest (vv12-21)

F. The Period in Which the Heads of the Families of the Levites and the  Priests Were Recorded (v22)

G. When, and Where the Record of the Family Heads of Levi Were kept (v23)

H. The Leaders of the Levites and Their Ministry in Services (v24)

I. The Names of the Gatekeepers Who Guarded the Storerooms at the Gates (v25)

J. The Period in Which the Above Gatekeepers Served (v26)

The Dedication of the Rebuilt Wall: The Procession (vv27-47)

A. The Gathering of the Levites and Their Requested Services (v27)

B. The Gathering also of the Musicians from Their Respected Villages (vv28-29)

C. The Order of Purification Revealed (v30)

D. Nehemiah’s Orders to the Leaders of Judah and the Two Choirs (v31a)

E. The Eastern Route: The Procession of the First Choir (v31b)

F. Those that Followed the First Choir (vv32-36a)

G. The Leader of the Eastern Procession (v36b)

H. The Mapping of the Eastern Procession (v37)

I. The Western Route: The Second Choir, The Procession, and the Mapping (vv38-39)

J. Those that Took Their Places in the House of God (vv40-42a)

K. The Choirs’ Director (v42b)

L. A Day of Rejoicing (v43)

M. The Appointment of Men: For the Storerooms and Collecting of Provisions as Outlined by the Law for Priests and Levites (v44a)

O. The People’s Reaction from the Ministry of the Priests and Levites (v44b)

P. Priests, Levites, Musicians, and Gatekeepers Ministered According to What was Commanded by David and Solomon (v45)

Q. According to the Days of David and Asaph: Concerning the Directors for Musicians and Songs (v46)

R. According to the Days of Zerubbabel and Nehemiah: Concerning the Contributions (v47)


Note:  v=verse     vv=verses


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