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The Book of Nehemiah: Fulfilling the Call Within

Nehemiah: Chapter 13 – Basic Outline

The Exclusion of the Ammonite and Moabite from the Assembly of God (vv1-3)

A. A Passage Found in the Book of Moses Determining Their Exclusion (v1)

B. The Reason Given for Their Exclusion (v2)

C. The People’s Action After the Reading of the Passage (v3)

What Eliashib the Priest Had Done Prior to the Reading and Execution of the Exclusion Law (vv4-5)

A. His Appointed Office (v4a)

B. His Connection to Tobiah (v4b)

C. His Provision for Tobiah in the Courts of the House of God (v5a)

D. The Provisions That Were Originally Stored in the Room that Eliashib Had Provided for Tobiah (5b)

E. Those to Whom the Provisions Were Formally Set Apart For (v5c)

Nehemiah’s Reaction After Hearing What Eliashib Had Done Concerning the House of God (vv6-11) 

A. Nehemiah’s Location When All This Was Transpiring (v6a)

B. King Artaxerxes Year of Reign Revealed (v6b)

C. Nehemiah’s Request of King Artaxerxes (vv6c-7a)

D. The Time-Frame in Which Nehemiah Learned of What Eliashib Had Done (v7b)

E. Nehemiah’s Reaction and Action in Response to the News (vv8-9)

Other Issues at Hand: Neglect of Provisions for the House of God (vv10-11)

A. Failure to Provide What Was Apportioned to the Levites (v10a)

B. The Consequence as a Result of That Failure (v10b)

C. Nehemiah’s Action in Response to That Failure (v11a)

D. His Question to the Officials (v11b)

E. His Action in Restoring the Levites’ and Musicians’ Ministry (v11b)

Other Issues at Hand: Restoration of Provisions to the House of God (vv12-14)

A. Restoration the Provisions to the Storerooms (v12)

B. Those Nehemiah Set in Charge of the Storerooms (v13a)

B. Their Assistant (v13b)

C. The Reason Given for Choosing These Men (13c)

D. Their Responsibility (v13d)

E. Nehemiah’s Prayer (v14)

Other Issues at Hand: Dealing with Commerce on the Sabbath (vv15-22)

A. Commerce Activities on the Sabbath by the Men of Judah (v15a)

B. Nehemiah’s Warning to Them (v15b)

C. Commerce Activities Between the People and Non-Israelites Living in Jerusalem (v16)

D. Nehemiah’s Action Against the Nobles (v17a)

E. His first Question: A Concern Regarding the Practice of the Nobles (v17b)

F. His second Question: A Comparison Is Revealed Between the Nobles Their Forefathers (18a)

G. God’s Judgment on Jerusalem Revealed: A Consequence of the Forefathers’ Practice (v18b)

H. Nehemiah’s Concern of This Repeating (v18c)

Other Issues at Hand: Dealing with Merchants and Sellers Outside the Wall on the Sabbath (vv19-22)

A. Nehemiah’s Orders Concerning the Gates of Jerusalem Prior to the Sabbath (v19)

B. The Annoyance of the Merchants and Sellers outside the Wall (v20)

C. Nehemiah’s Warning to Them: A Question of Why? (v21a)

D. His Threat (v21b)

D. Their Reaction to Nehemiah’s Threat (v21c)

E. A Command to the Levites: A Matter of Guarding the Sabbath Day (v22a)

F. Nehemiah’s Prayer (v22b)

Other Issues at Hand: Intermarriage of the Israelites with Other Nations (vv23-30)

A. Intermarrying of Foreign Women Revealed (v23)

B. The Resulting Effect on the Children born in Intermarriage (v24)

C. Nehemiah’s Action and Reprimand Against the Men of Judah That Intermarried (v25a)

D. The Oath That They Had to Take Is revealed (v25b)

E. A Reminder of How Solomon Had Sinned (v26)

F. A Comparison Made to the Unfaithfulness of Solomon (v27)

Other Issues at Hand: Intermarriage of Joiada the Son of Eliashib the High Priest (vv28-31)

A. Joiada’s Son Relationship to Sanballat Is revealed(v28a)

B. Nehemiah’s Action Against Joiada’s Son (v28b)

C. Nehemiah’s Prayer: A Concern Against Eliashib’s Family (v29)

D. Nehemiah’s Prayer: Their Defilement of the Office and Covenant Concerning the Priest and Levites (v29)

D. Re-Establishment of the Office and Covenant Concerning the Priest and Levites (v30)

E. Contributions of the Wood: Provisions Made (v31a)

F. Nehemiah’s Prayer (v31b)


Note:  v=verse     vv=verses




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