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Abraham and Lincoln: Episode 6 – The Remedy for Sin

“That was a mean stew that your wife cooked Abraham!” exclaimed Lincoln. “I know! And that’s why I married her,” chuckled Abraham. “Celine has always been a great cook, but even more, she’s a great wife.” “God has truly blessed us each with great wives,” added Lincoln. Celine and Dion were both reclined on the … Continue reading

Abraham and Lincoln: Episode 5 – The Natural Effects of Sin

“You know, Abraham, when mankind sinned they could no longer remain in the Garden of Eden. They were expelled from it (Gen. 3:24). In fact, life would not be the same as it were in comparison to when they were in the garden of God (Ezek. 28:13).” “You are right, Lincoln.” Abraham sighed, as he … Continue reading

Abraham and Lincoln: Episode 4 – The Opposing Doctrine that Brought Mankind Under the Awful Condition of Sin

Lincoln and his wife Dion arrived at the church where Abraham and his wife Celine attended. They arrived at the time when the service was about to begin and sat on the opposite side of the aisle from their longtime friends. As they sat down, both Abraham and Celine turned their heads toward them to … Continue reading

Abraham and Lincoln: Episode 3 – Why Did God Place the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden?

“This was a good idea, Lincoln, to get a quick bite before we head off on our way home. Two and a half hours on that coach would seem like forever if we left on an empty stomach,” Abraham approached the food stations. “I know that the coach will have a full tank before it … Continue reading

Abraham and Lincoln: Episode 2 – A Matter of “When” Mankind Would Sin?

“Ah, yes! You saved me a seat Lincoln,” Abraham said. “Let me quickly pack away my things and then I will sit.” He hurriedly placed his carry-on bag in the overhead compartment and quickly sat down to allow other passengers to pass as they made their way to the rear of the coach. The engine … Continue reading

Abraham and Lincoln: Episode 1 – The Origin of Sin?

                                                  Abraham and Lincoln Abraham and Lincoln are old friends who like to make it their habit to meet up with each other, at least once per week, to encourage one … Continue reading

The Attitude of Christ on Display

Reference Scripture: Philippians 2:1-4 A family was going out to dinner one day, and they were going to restaurant not too far from them. Now before the wife got into the car the husband opened the door for her and closed it after she sat. Likewise he did the same before she exited the car. … Continue reading